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Backpacks, bags, wallets and other leather accessories made by us from genuine leather are offered by the "KOZHEDEL" workshop from Novosibirsk. All our products are sewn to please their owner with reliability, beauty and long service life. You deserve it.

We offer many advantages::

You will have a beautiful and stylish accessory that is hard to find analogues, since we take the quality of our products very seriously at all stages of their production.

Our online store KOZHEDEL offers only unique products that, by their reliability, will serve their owners for a long time and delight them with their beauty and uniqueness.

In the catalog you can find both women's and men's bags, backpacks, wallets and other accessories made by the master almost in a hand-made style.

►  Our products will make the image presentable and solid. Every person will find their perfect accessory here!

Our product catalog:

Тестовый товар

Тестовый товар

Backpacks are a necessary accessory for a resident of a big city or a provincial town. In a backpack..

100 EUR